🌻About Land Of Dreams

Getting Started

Discover Land Of Dreams and learn the basics of the game. From setting up your wallet to navigating the Web3 farming world, this section will guide you through the initial steps.
  • How to Start
  • Video Guides

Gameplay Mechanics

The goal of Land Of Dreams is to gather resources, earn Matic and expand your land. There is a robust ecosystem of crops, fruit, animals, crafting, cooking, tools + fishing for you to master
Understand how to utilise your resources and manage your island effectively.
  • Farming
  • Gathering Resources
  • Animals
  • Island Management & Design
  • Cooking
Once you have mastered the art of resource management, it is time to explore, complete quests and trade with other players
  • Deliveries
  • Islands
  • Seasons
  • Auctions
  • Potion House

Advanced Topics

For seasoned players looking to maximize their gameplay. Dive into the economics of Land Of Dreams, the NFT marketplace, crafting system, and more.
  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Game Economy
  • NFT Marketplaces

Community and Contributing

Become part of the vibrant Land Of Dreams community. Learn how to contribute as a player, developer, or designer.
  • Joining the Community
  • Engineers Contributing to Land Of Dreams
  • Artists Contributing to Land Of Dreams
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