๐ŸงกPumpkin Plaza

Welcome to Pumpkin Plaza, a family-friendly destination for pumpkin picking, hayrides, and fall fun. Located in the heart of the countryside, our farm offers the perfect setting for a day of fall festivities.

How to access?

What can you do at Pumpkin Plaza?

  • Chat with other players

  • Trade with other players

  • Engage in game mechanics like daily rewards

Token Gating

There will be restricted content and features in Pumpkin Plaza that are based on your Bumpkin's level, achievements and items in your inventory.

This includes private spaces, reactions & actions.


You can also attain seasonal resources by completing chores for Hayseed Hank.

These chores will range in difficulty and require basic farm tasks such as chopping down trees, harvesting & mining. Hank will keep your tasks for as long as you choose to not complete or skip them. Majority of tasks can be completed with 24 hours, although, Hank will occassionally ask players to complete some extreme tasks! Scenario: It's Day 2, you receive 5 tasks but you cannot complete them by the end of the day.. those 5 tasks will linger into the next day, Day 3. If you complete 2 of those tasks during Day 3, 2 NEW tasks will be generated for you :) Chores are generated daily as shown in the above image.

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