Welcome to Land of Dreams Auctions! This is where the magic happens! It's where you, our magnificent Land of Dreams Farmers, get a chance to strut your stuff, flex your resources, and bid your hard-earned Matic to mint some truly unique SFTs. And we're not just talking any SFTs. We're talking about the rarest of the rare, items that even the Goblin village elders keep in secret vaults. We're talking about cosmetics that would make a Land of Dreams blush with envy and wearables that would make a scarecrow look like a fashion model!
Our Auctions are Blind Auction Style - a thrilling game of wits and strategy. You'll need to channel your inner Bumpkin and guess what other players have bid. Remember, in Land of Dreams, it's not just about having the most Matic, it's about knowing when and where to use it!


Each Auction lasts for a short period of time (usually 5-10 minutes). You must be present during that time to make a bid.
Ever wondered what Hammering Harry does when he is not exploring Land of Dreams and discovering exotic Treasures? He's preparing for the upcoming Auctions! Visit him anytime at Helios or at the Pumpkin Plaza to get the scoop on the next big Auction.
Most Auctions have multiple drop dates, because we know our sunflower farmers are spread out all over this beautiful planet, in all sorts of time zones. So don't worry if the rooster doesn't crow at the same time for you as it does for your friend halfway across the world. We've got you covered!
Each Auction only lasts for a short few heart-pounding minutes. Once the gong sounds, you've got to place your bid. Miss the window, and you'll have to wait for the next Auction. But don't fret, there's always another one just around the corner!
When the dust settles and the bidding period closes, that's when we reveal the winners. Who will it be this time? You? Your neighbor? That silent Bumpkin from down the lane? Let's find out!

Placing A Bid

Remember all that farming, gathering, chopping, digging, fishing, and more that you did? Well, this is where it pays off! Auction items require a range of different resources, all of which you've been diligently collecting.
When you place your bid, you're flying blind - no peeking at other people's bids. That's what makes it exciting! An item usually requires multiple different resources. So when you increase your bid, it's like feeding the chickens - everything goes up at once.
And remember, once you've thrown your hat in the ring, there's no taking it back. Make sure you're ready to part with your bid, because once it's placed, it's locked in. Your resources will be waiting for the result of the Auction.
Usually if there are multiple auctions occurring for a singular item, you will only be able to mint it once. EG: Item x Auction 1 - Bid, Lose, Refund Item x Auction 2 - Bid, Win, Mint Item x Auction 3 - Unable to place Bid

How to mint an item?

Ah, the moment of truth! Once the bidding period has ended, you can open the Auction and "reveal" the winners. Did you outsmart the competition? Did you bid just enough Matic to snag that coveted item? The results will display, showing the top winners, the minimum bid, and your bid.
If you're one of the lucky winners, you'll be able to mint an item. This does require a Blockchain transaction, but don't worry, we've made it as easy as pie! You've got 24 hours to mint your prize. This gives you time to submit the transaction when Blockchain fees are reasonable. We don't charge any additional fee, only the standard Polygon network fees apply.
Remember, if you snooze, you lose! If you don't claim your prize after 24 hours, your resources will not be returned and the prize will be sent to the Goblin Treasury. This ensures that the supply is met and no ghost bids occur.


Didn't win this time? Don't worry, in Land of Dreams, every cloud has a silver lining. If you didn't win the Auction, all of your resources and Matic will be refunded. Just wait for the Auction to complete and you can get your resources back. It's like the rain nourishing the fields after a hot summer day!

Tie Breaker

Now, what happens if two players bid the same amount? Well, in that unique case, we enter a Tie breaker. It's not a dance-off (though we do love a good Bumpkin jig), but it's equally exciting. In a Tie breaker, the Bumpkin with the most experience will be the winner. So make sure you've been eating your cakes and leveling up! The experience is counted at the time the bid was placed. So keep exploring, keep leveling, and keep growing!

Auctioneer Vision

The purpose of the Auctioneer is to encourage players to gather resources, seasonal tickets, Matic or BlockBucks and have a chance of minting a rare item. Specifically, we are targeting players who have accrued large amounts of seasonal tickets during a season. This ensures these players feel rewarded for their hard work. Collecting seasonal tickets often requires completing deliveries by NPCs, these NPCs will trade you seasonal tickets in exchange for resources. This promotes a significant burn of Matic and resources which overall helps our entire ecosystem.
The Auctioneer is not the be all and end all to mint rare items, it is only one of various other avenues inside of Land of Dreams. If you do not enjoy the fast pace and high risk nature of the gameplay, you can continue to craft items at the Goblin Blacksmith, complete item quests, build decorations & mint seasonal collectibles.


Do I need to sync progress on chain first? Nope! The Auctioneer uses an improved system which subtracts the resources off-chain. This makes it much easier for you to access the auction and keeps the game running smooth as butter!
I won the auction but I can't see my item. Hold your horses! This isn't an automatic process. You need to visit the Auction, click "Reveal Results" and then "Mint." It's like opening a surprise gift!
I lost the auction but my resources were not returned. Similar to minting, getting your resources back isn't automatic. You need to visit the Auction, click "Reveal Results" and then "Refund Resources". It's like replanting your seeds after a harvest!
I clicked refund and somehow I can't see my resources? Just like how sunflowers turn towards the sun, sometimes the game needs a little nudge too. If you don't see your resources right away, make sure you don't leave the modal during the refund process. Otherwise, you will need to refresh the game to see the changes take place. It's like giving the game a little sprinkle of water to help it grow!
There you have it, Sunflower Farmers! That's everything you need to know about the Auction feature. So get out there, and may the best Bumpkin win!
What happened to the Market Price idea? The team experimented with the idea that all of the winners pay the lowest bidding price. After vigorous testing, we found this concept too confusing. For launch we have gone with a standard Auction approach.
What happens if an item does not mint out? If an item does not mint out then it's final. The remaining supply does not carry over into future drops. This means the item has become rarer than intended, which could be seen as better for those who minted it
What if I'm asleep during an Auction? Don't worry, we will provide multiple drops for an item in the Auctioneer. This caters for players in different time zones to have a chance of minting the item
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