๐ŸŽˆHot Air Balloon

If your resources are not reflected in Goblin Retreat, be sure to store progress on-chain. Accessing Goblin Retreat requires a Blevel 5 Bumpkin and a Golden Pass


Marketplaces are extremely complex, can spiral out of control and consume significant time. We do not intend to build a marketplace, our focus is on building a game. The purpose of the initial trading is to enable players trading resources and gathering items they need for expansion, NFTs and in-game items.

It is important to note that this is only the initial version of trading. Iterations and improvements will be once feedback is gathered and we have more time. Additionally, the protocol is designed in a way that it can be extended by the core team or community for advanced trading and analytic tools.


Do you have spare goods to sell? Well you are in luck, visit the Goblin Retreat and list some trades for visiting farmers.

How to sell an item?

To sell an item you will firstly need to visit Goblin Retreat and go to the Goblin in the Hot Air Balloon.

The trader has 3 available slots for you to list your items for sale. Click on one of these boxes.

Select the item you wish to sell and input the amount you want to sell and for how much Matic.

To list a trade you will need to pay a MATIC fee and accept the transaction that appears. Prices will vary depending on blockchain traffic.

Congratulations, your item has been listed! Now it is time to tell your friends or the community.

Sharing your trade?

Now that you have listed your trade it is time to tell other farmers so they can come and buy it!

Lucky for you we have set up a specific channel in our Discord channel - #farmers-market

When posting a listing, you will want to include your Farm ID, the resource, the amount and the asking price. This will help other farmer's find the item they are after.

"Farm #4 selling 150 Stone for 55 Matic"

Cancelling a trade

No interested buyers? Thats ok, you can cancel your trade and be refunded a "Trading Ticket". This will let you list a new item for sale.

Daily Limits

Each day you will be able to post 10 trades from your farm. If you cancel a trade, you will be able to list a new one.

What can be sold?

Currently the following items can be traded:

  • Wood - 1000

  • Stone - 1000

  • Iron - 1000

  • Gold - 1000

  • Eggs - 1000

  • Crops - 1000

  • Sunflowers - 2000

  • Fruits - 1000

Trading Tickets

If you have a trading ticket in your inventory, then you do not need to pay the MATIC fee for posting a trade. Nice!


To sell an item, there is a flat $0.25 USD listing fee. This goes into the team's treasury and towards development and improvement of the trading feature.

Whether you sell 1 Wood or 1000 Wood, the fee will be the same - $0.25 USD


Are you saving up for an NFT or a new piece of land but don't have the resources? Well praise the goblins, they have been scouring the land and finding awesome deals for you to buy!

How to buy an item?

When player's list an item for sale, they usually post a message inside of the #farmers-market channel on Discord. Alternatively, go to our Discord's Official Links channel to see a range of community made websites to filter for specific resources and prices! This is the best place to see what farms are selling. Once you have found a farm with a sale, follow the instructions below.

Go to Goblin Retreat and visit the Goblin in the Hot Air Balloon

Go to the 'Buy Tab' and enter the ID of the farm you wish to buy an item from

Click 'Purchase' on the item you wish to buy.

You will be paying the "Buyer pays" price. You will need to confirm the trade and accept the Blockchain transaction. Prices will vary depending on blockchain traffic.

Goblin Matic Fee?

When buying an item, a 10% Matic fee will be applied on top of the listed amount. This fee is paid by the buyer, and 100% of this fee goes to the Goblin Community Treasury.

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