Thought Farm Ltd

How will Thought Farm grow the game?

To be clear, the goal is to make money. Without money the company, the team and the game does not grow. For the game to become a huge success we need funding and more employees.
There are an immense amount of crypto projects that do ICOs, private sales, NFT pre-sales and many more crowd sourcing avenues to raise millions of dollars. The only issue is, they don't build a game.
Land of Dreams aims to do it differently. We are entirely bootstrapped from $0 and make our revenue only once features are launched and farmers are playing daily. In short, when no one plays we make no money. Our aim is to design an engaging game that keeps players coming back for more. Github Community Revenue Proposal
As of writing, we have 4 full-time engineers and we are working on a monthly basis to earn revenue and grow the team to the size that can reach our end vision.
We need to be transparent about how we earn money and our plans for the future. The revenue for the Thought Farm comes from: 1. BlockBucks - Players buy BlockBucks to replenish their seed and tool stock
2. NFT Royalties - when an in-game item is sold on a secondary marketplace, the Thought Farm receives a commission
3. Matic Withdrawal tax - This is how Thought Farm can build up a reserve of Matic.
Thought Farm will use the above streams to pay salaries, operational costs and grow the company. Depending on the situation and timeline in the game, the Matic may be sold, burnt or put back into the liquidity pool to strengthen the in-game economy.

Matic Reserve

Thought Farm prefers to accumulate small fees from game transactions instead of selling large amounts of tokens or NFTs. There is no intention to build up a huge Matic reserve or become a significant holder of the token. The dark side of projects and developers that do this is that they essentially 'dump' the token on their community when they need to make money.
When a player withdraws Matic to sell on a secondary market, the Matic fee that is allocated to Thought Farm is converted to MATIC and sent to the treasury. In practice, this means the team does not hold Matic as a significant share of the treasury.
If a player withdraws 10 Matic to sell on a secondary market, the 1 Matic fee is instantly converted to MATIC and sent to Thought Farm's wallet. The player would then sell the remaining Matic. In total the same Matic is sold on the market and Thought Farm gets a non-Matic incentive that goes towards growing the game.


The aim of the treasury is to support development and growth of the game over the coming years. Given the volatile nature of crypto markets, we don't want to risk the longevity of the project entirely on the price of MATIC. In essence, if MATIC dumps, the project should still have funds to continue development. For this reason majority of the treasury is in FIAT or stable coins.
Thought Farm will frequently convert a proportion of cryptocurrency from the treasury into FIAT to pay engineer salaries, legal fees, server costs & other operating costs. This will be done on a weekly basis to DCA any volatile market conditions. The remaining FIAT remains in Thought Farm Pty Ltd's treasury to give the project at least 6 months runway for hiring and developing the game.
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