Helios is the first island that you will visit when leaving your farm. This is where all the local villagers live. Some call it Land of Dreams.

You will find several businesses here offering many things to help you on your adventure.

You can also learn a little about the Bumpkin Hero as well as an introduction to a future quest in Sunfloria.

Community Garden

Located in the bottom left of Helios the community garden offers NFTs that are built entirely by the community.

The Land of Dreams team do not maintain or support features that are launched in the Community Garden. Please use with caution.

HaySeed Hank

Players can visit HaySeed Hank, a retired farmer who is looking for help with daily chores.

In return for your hard work, Hank will provide you with rewards such as Seasonal Tickets.

These challenges range from harvesting crops, gathering resources, cooking food + much more! As you progress throughout the game, these challenges become harder and yield much higher rewards ๐Ÿš€

There are endless quests to complete. As soon as you finish the first quest, you go onto the second quest.

If you swap your Bumpkin, you will need to restart a quest

Decoration Shop

This friendly shop offers many small decorations that you can use to beautify your farm.


Potentially moving to Plaza soon

Potion Master

Potentially moving to Plaza soon

Bean Shop

Potentially moving to Plaza soon

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